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The Expert Network© celebrates its newest member, Stephen Thomas

Senior Financial Advisor Stephen Thomas has joined The Expert Network. Consistently listed as a top financial advisor by Barron’s, Forbes, and Financial Times, Mr. Thomas is the founder and managing principal of Linden Thomas and Company, an independent financial consulting firm that offers a comprehensive range of wealth management services, including retirement planning and independent investment consulting. Mr. Thomas has nearly 30 years of experience in wealth management.

With a penchant for numbers and problem-solving, he began his career as a research consultant within a specialized division of EF Hutton, where he was positioned in the most successful office in Washington, D.C. As his career flourished his talents were highly sought after, and Steve became a top advisor with Smith Barney, Prudential Securities, and Merrill Lynch. After becoming disillusioned by the sales-driven cultures of the large retail firms, Stephen Thomas felt that what the industry was lacking is advisors that are independent of the firms that were evaluating the very products that were being sold. So, he set off to establish a firm that evaluated the efficiencies of the industry products and focused on providing his findings to high-net-worth clients with $5 million to $50 million of investable assets. Since then, the firm has grown to $1.3 billion in assets under management and continues to gain industry recognition for the wealth management services provided to successful individuals.

Looking back, he recalls making the decision to strike out on his own:

"The firms I used to work for had more of a sales-driven environment as opposed to a consultant-driven one. Many advisors in these firms didn’t put a lot into the infrastructure, either with the technology or the research, so their clients would end up with a lot of products that didn’t really correlate with an efficient portfolio. After working for nearly two decades as a top advisor for these firms, I realized that the only way I was going to be proficient was to actually hire my own staff. So after leaving my last firm, Merrill Lynch, we built a team of professionals made up of analysts and financial planners and established Linden Thomas with one focus in mind: to call on the clients’ efficiencies, avoid portfolio inefficiencies, and try to get the best net results."

Though he initially left Merrill Lynch with only seven employees in tow and $300 million under management, he has since grown the Linden Thomas to a team of eighteen professionals handling $1.3 billion. The company focuses on catering to high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth clients with investable assets of one million dollars or more. Since its formation, they have consistently strived to provide sound investment advice according to individual needs, whether it be analyzing risk tolerance or developing an asset allocation strategy.

Looking to stay ahead of the curve, Mr. Thomas keeps a watchful eye on prevailing trends in the world of wealth management. He remarks that as the industry becomes more service-oriented, Mr. Thomas and his colleagues maintain a holistic approach that combines cutting-edge technology with industry-leading service, a model geared toward creating lasting relationships with their clientele:

"People want to be educated and taken care of and they want transparency in pricing. For many years, this industry has catered to the advisor and the firm, but I think the industry is beginning to dynamically shift toward catering to the needs of the client. And if you’re not poised in such a way to move with that market, you will not be in business for much longer. We don’t want to be caught in that position, so we’re adding more infrastructure and more technology in order to be ahead of this change."

After over a quarter-century dedicated to wealth management, Mr. Thomas shows no signs of slowing down. Looking to the future, he aims to continue growing his firm through his signature client-oriented approach, with emphasis on portfolio efficiencies, transparency and bottom line results.

Linden Thomas & Company Recognitions

  • "America's Top Wealth Advisors" 
    Forbes - August 2016
  • "America's Top 1,200 Financial Advisors"
    Barron's - March 2016
  • "Financial Times 400 Top Advisors"
    Financial Times - March 2016 
  • "America's Top 1,200 Financial Advisors"
    Barron's - Feb 2015
  • "America's Top 1,200 Financial Advisors"
    Barron's - Feb 2014
  • "Top Secrets From Wealth Wizards" - "Advisory Firm’s Service Model Stands in Sharp Contrast"
    Forbes - June 2013 
  • America's Top 1,000 Financial Advisors - Ranked #6
    Barron's - Feb 2013
  • Realistic Retirement Plans That Are Built to Last
    Forbes - June 2012
  • NABCAP Premier Advisors 2012 Top Wealth Managers
    Charlotte Business Journal - May 2012
  • The 2012 Barron's Top 1,000 Financial Advisors - Ranked #14
    Barron's - Feb 2012
  • America's Top 100 Independent B/D Advisors - Ranked #7
    Registered Rep. - Aug 2011
  • One of the 2011 Leading Providers of the South Eastern United States
    Forbes - June 2011
  • The Top 100 Independent Advisors - Ranked #78
    Barron's - Aug 2009
  • Named a 2009 Five Star Best in Client Satisfaction Wealth Manager
    Charlotte Magazine - Sep 2008
  • Advisory Firm Eyes Growth in Former Mancini Building
    Charlotte Business Journal - May 2011
  • Top 1,000 Advisors State by State - Ranked #5
    Barron's - Feb 2011
  • America's Top 100 Independent Advisors - Ranked #12
    Registered Rep. - Nov 2010
  • Goldline Research's 2010 Leading Wealth Managers of The United States
    Forbes - Oct 2010
  • "Taking the High Road" - "Linden Thomas & Company Focuses on the Client"
    Forbes - Aug 2010
  • Goldline Research's 2010 Leading Providers of the Southeast United States
    Forbes - Apr 2010
  • Top 1,000 Advisors State by State - Ranked #4
    Barron's - Feb 2010
  • Goldline Research's 2009 Leading Wealth Managers of The Southeast United States
    Forbes - July 2009
  • Goldline Research's 2008 Top Ten Most Dependable Wealth Manager of The Southeast United States
    Forbes - Sep 2008
  • "Top Wealth Advisors - "Controlling Risk Key to Building Assets"
    Charlotte Business Journal - Apr 2007
  • "As Boomers Retire: Turn On. Tune In. Try Out"
    Research: - May 2005


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